Recipe: Noodle sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Noodle sauce



  1. Cut the material into the final shape, 15 grams of starch is poured into 20 grams of cold water and stirred evenly into a hook water.

  2. Stir-fried shallot ginger and minced garlic in a wok, then pour in minced meat and stir-fry. Stir the minced meat and add 10 ML of cooking wine.

  3. Add the end of the mushroom and the winter bamboo shoots, stir fry all the ingredients, add 30 grams of sweet noodles (or use the spicy bean paste). The sweet noodles are more suitable for our southerners. Stir in the sauce and minced with minced meat

  4. Add hot water and sauce to keep it flat. Cook for a few minutes on the fire and see that the soup is getting less. Appropriate color and taste. If the taste is light, add some salt or soy sauce; if the color is light, you can add some old color.

  5. Finally, when the sauce begins to be scarce and thick, add the hook water. Add a little bit. Adjust to your favorite consistency

  6. Put the pan on the good noodles


1. Mushrooms must choose dried shiitake mushrooms, otherwise they will not have a good taste of fried sauce; 2, sweet noodle sauce is a very good choice, very rich sauce; 3, like to eat spicy can use the Pixian bean paste; 4, like the five scent can also sprinkle with allspice into it. Very good; 5, the minced meat must choose to have 3 points of fat, the mouth to catch the best

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