Recipe: No need to knead, easy to do - cranberry cake

Home Cooking Recipe: No need to knead, easy to do - cranberry cake


Cranberry cake, sour and sweet, soft and delicious, very delicious. This kind of hair cake is very simple. You don't have to knead it. You can get two chopsticks. When you get it, you can steam it on the pot.  This kind of cake with porridge for breakfast, staying up late, very good, haha, I want to eat. . . . . .



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Mix the flour with the cranberry.

    Mix the flour with the cranberry.

  2. Add warm water and yeast to the flour and mix well with chopsticks until no dry noodles.

  3. Pour the thin dough into the mold, put it in a warm place for fermentation, and send it to more than twice the size. After the hair is done, sprinkle some cranberry on top.

  4. Steam in the pan, 25 minutes after steaming. Use a knife to make a circle around, you can easily release the mold, and cut it when you eat.


1, like sweet mouth, you can put some sugar in the flour. 2, no cranberry dry, you can change to raisins or red dates and so on.

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