Recipe: [No melon, no summer rice] cold watermelon

Home Cooking Recipe: [No melon, no summer rice] cold watermelon


"No Melon Not Summer" - Cold Watermelon In the past, watermelons were eaten with red melon and others were thrown into the trash. Inadvertently watching TV found that the original lost is the most precious place. The red part is a snack, the cyan part can be cold salad, and even the green skin can be soaked in water. On the effect of clearing fire and relieving heat, the red part is just playing, and the real effect is still cyan and green skin. This cold-mixed watermelon silk is crispy and crisper than cucumber. Once eaten, you will fall in love with it, haha Z 2013.6.18



  1. The iced watermelon is scraped off the outermost green peel. Then scrape off the cyan part. The cyan portion is then shredded.

  2. Mix sesame oil, soy sauce, salt, and chicken essence into a mixture, and mix well with watermelon.

  3. Already done! Is it too simple? It's that simple! Haha

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