Recipe: New and new Laba porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: New and new Laba porridge


Today is Laba, you must eat Laba porridge, Laba porridge is not only fragrant, but also can be eaten healthier. The Laba porridge introduced today is a fat and white home porridge. Eat today and eat the same tomorrow. Weight loss and health often can't be both at the same time. This is a topic that traps many modern people. In fact, there are really two methods of the best of both worlds. It is also simple. It is a bowl of porridge that is often overlooked by people. Speaking of weight loss and light body, I have to praise the next glutinous rice. It has rich nutritional and medicinal value. In addition to nourishing and anti-cancer, it can also reduce blood pressure, relieve heat and lose weight. According to legend, glutinous rice was listed as one of the court meal very early. According to the "Han Han Ma Yuan Chuan", it is recorded that regular consumption of glutinous rice can not only lighten the desire, but also remove the hot and humid moisture. It is rich in crude fiber, mineral calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, alkaloids and other nutrients, of which vitamin B1 is much higher than rice. Black rice is also called black glutinous rice. It is a treasure in rice and has the reputation of black pearl. Black rice has a nutritional value comparable to that of meat, but it has no cholesterol in meat, and even fat is an unsaturated fatty acid. Black rice has pure black hair and unique scent. Its nutritional value is much higher than ordinary rice, and its vitamin content is more than double that of ordinary rice. Black rice is rich in minerals. Iron is three times higher than ordinary rice. Calcium The content is three to five times higher than ordinary rice. Using black rice to make Laba porridge, has a significant therapeutic effect, especially the effect of nourishing yin and tonifying the kidney, strengthening the spleen and warming the liver, and improving the eyesight and promoting blood circulation. With the glutinous rice with whitening skin, a delicious Laba porridge with healthy fat removal and beauty blood is made.



  1. Wash clean black rice, black beans, glutinous rice, brown rice, add enough water to soak for a day

  2. Add enough water to boil and boil for another 30 minutes.

  3. Cook the black rice soft clams, the black beans are smashed, and the porridge becomes thicker. When you drink it, you can reduce the porridge temperature to about 80 degrees, and add some honey to taste better.

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