Recipe: Natto boiled eggplant with dried fried velvet

Home Cooking Recipe: Natto boiled eggplant with dried fried velvet


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  1. Wash the eggplant, remove the root pedicle, and then cut the strip for use.

  2. The chilled pine mushrooms are thawed and cut into thick pieces for use.

  3. Put the refined oil in the pot, burn it to 60% heat, put in the eggplant, remove the oil from the fire for about 20 seconds, drain the oil, drain the water.

  4. In another pot, pour the soup into the pot, boil the eggplant that is open to step 3, add the miso and mushrooms and cook for a while, so that the eggplant can fully absorb the taste. When it’s getting better, put it in natto and cook it.

  5. In another pot, pour the virgin olive oil into the pot, add the dried velvet slices, fry and fry until the two sides are slightly yellow, the aroma is fragrant, and sprinkle a little sea salt out of the pan.

  6. Take the natural stone tablets, put the natto and eggplant in step 4, and then put the dried fried velvet slices in step 5, and use thyme, millet spicy, and foam.

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