Recipe: Natto

Home Cooking Recipe: Natto


Natto is a very healthy food. Not only does the Japanese respect it as a health product, but NASA also lists it as a healthy food. After being fermented, natto is easier to digest and absorb, and it also produces a variety of active ingredients, which greatly enhances the health value, and is beneficial for preventing heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, and menopausal diseases. I bought a yogurt machine that has the function of making natto, such a good thing, it is a must try.



  1. Soybean cleaning and soaking: 20-24 hours in winter and 10 hours in summer, after soaking, the soybeans are 2.3 times the original weight.

  2. Cooking: Put the soaked soybeans into the pressure cooker (preferably on the steaming rack), pour enough water into the pressure cooker, boil for 5 minutes, open a small fire, cook for 35-40 minutes; turn off the heat. Ask for steamed beans, and gently squeeze them with your hands, but the beans are whole.

  3. Mixing: Pour the steamed beans into the inner tank of the yogurt machine, pour 2 tablespoons of sugar into the steamed beans and mix well;

  4. Inoculation: Open a natto capsule (natto primer) with a little cold water (or cold water) to dissolve, pour into the yogurt machine liner, stir with a clean stir bar, stir as much as possible; cover On the wet gauze, the temperature of the outer wall of the liner is not hot, the temperature is about 40 degrees, put into the yogurt machine; cover the outer cover, (the lid of the liner does not need to be covered).

  5. Fermentation: plug in the power supply, start the fermentation, fermentation time 16, the end of the fermentation is based on the natto stirring a little, can pull out a lot of silk, or a white film on the surface of the beans.

  6. Dispensing the fermented natto small box, placing it in the freezer, and chilling it before eating. For example, eat it tomorrow, get the cold room to thaw this evening, and not thaw it in the microwave.


Baidu took a look at how to eat natto, and finally decided: Natto + sesame + honey a stir, just eat it.

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