Recipe: Nakajima’s banana hurricane

Home Cooking Recipe: Nakajima’s banana hurricane


Adding a lot of bananas to the heavy hurricane ^^ People love! Fangzi also comes from @爱整蛋糕滴欢欢" "Nakashima teacher's baking classroom--Hurricane cake" square amount is 17cm Hurricane model ~ 170 degrees roasted 35 minutes



  1. Preparation: separate the egg yolk and protein, freeze the protein in the refrigerator for 10 minutes; mature banana (slightly spotted) crushed with a fork or stir the machine into a mud; preheat the oven 170 degrees

  2. Prepare egg yolk paste: add egg yolk to add yellow cane sugar, stir the egg in a circle, add rapeseed oil, banana puree and soy milk in turn, stir evenly after adding one kind of raw material; sift low-gluten powder into the 10cm from the basin mouth, Mix with egg until no agglomeration

  3. Hair cream: remove the protein from the refrigerator, electric egg beater at high speed, add yellow cane sugar three times, the protein becomes foamy, fluffy and soft, when the egg is pumped manually (or the electric egg beater goes low speed), hit to lift Eggbeater protein cream sharp corners gently bend down

  4. Mix with egg yolk paste: Put a scraper whey cream into the egg yolk paste, mix with the egg until you can't see the protein trace (slightly defoaming anyway); pour all the yolk paste into the remaining protein cream and use the squeegee to lightly remove the basin Bottom up and stir until you can hardly see the meringue. The egg paste is slightly tough and the action is slightly faster.

  5. Into the mold baking: Pour the cake paste into the baking mold, gently shake it on the table, bake the oven at 170 degrees for 35 minutes, and then release it to the fully cooled and demoulded


1. I don't have soy milk, use milk instead of 2. No yellow cane can be mixed with brown sugar with white sugar, ratio 2:13. Bananas should be matured to slightly spotted

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