Recipe: Muyuhua sweet soy sauce tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Muyuhua sweet soy sauce tofu


The savory taste of the wood fish flower, the smoothness of the tender tofu, and the delicious smell of sweet soy sauce... The autumn tiger can be so cool when visiting.



  1. Tofu is washed with cold water (a kind of tender tofu that can be used as a tofu milkshake in the supermarket of the country) can be eaten directly, and the bowl is ready for use.

  2. Sprinkle with ginger and top with two soy sauce

  3. Finally sprinkle with wooden fish flower


There is a little chopped green onion in the picture. The chopped green onion can't be eaten with the tofu. This is because the tofu is rich in nutrients such as protease and calcium. The onion contains a lot of oxalic acid. When the tofu is mixed with the onion, the calcium and onion in the tofu. The oxalic acid reacts chemically, which is not good for people's health. Therefore, avoid using toot with tofu. This picture is purely for decoration, remember to pick it out when eating:)

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