Recipe: [Muxia Daweiwang has eaten] No. 6 Puff Tower

Home Cooking Recipe: [Muxia Daweiwang has eaten] No. 6 Puff Tower


Last night, I watched the girl under the wood to eat the No. 6 Puff Tower. I couldn’t hold it in the middle of the night and started to prepare. The steps were really trivial. The bottom part of the video should be the base of the almond, and I made the base of the Earl Grey Almond. The puff is a raw strawberry cream filling, the gap in the middle is filled with vanilla Caesar cream, and some sugar-coated almond crumbs wrapped in cocoa powder are placed inside, then the original is decorated with pistachios and raspberries, and the home wood has pistachios. I changed the mint. If you want to ask how to eat... Go see the video of the girl~



  1. Making almond bottom:

  2. Making a puff:

  3. Making Caska sauce: Add 150g of whipped cream to the prepared Caska sauce, and use the electric egg beater to send it to a high speed.

  4. Make chocolate nuts: Choose your favorite raw nuts (whole almonds or hazelnuts cut in half), bake at 170 degrees for about 20 minutes, remove and let cool until hard and crispy, tempered with chocolate to cool the shape, on the surface Sieve one layer of cocoa powder

  5. Combination “1. Put the stuffed puffs on the bottom of the completely cooled tower with the custard cream. Fill the gap with the custard cream. Just stack the three layers and put the chocolate nut sugar in the middle. 2. Choose your favorite. The chocolate sauce is drizzled on the puff tower (you can also use the melted chocolate), and the raspberry and pistachio pieces are dotted.

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