Recipe: Mustard oil mixed with fungus

Home Cooking Recipe: Mustard oil mixed with fungus


After Xiao fat caught a cold, he had a headache and a headache. He told me that I had no appetite for eating. I didn’t want to eat greasy things. I took this as a mother’s awkwardness. I turned to the kitchen and suddenly saw the fungus, and I thought about it. I made this mustard fungus. I remember that when I first ate this fungus, I didn’t know how powerful it was. A wooden ear came into the mouth, and suddenly a pungent gas rushed from the nose to the eyes, tears and exchanges, and the wolf was unbearable. However, this dish feels very good after eating. The spicy and aromatic flavor of mustard oil is unique, which can stimulate the secretion of saliva and gastric juice, enhance the appetite of people and have an appetizing effect. Do this simple mustard oil with fungus today!



  1. The soaked fungus is torn into small flowers, rubbed with boiling water, and then showered with cold water.

  2. Prepare fresh bacon, vinegar, mustard oil, salt, pour into a small bowl and mix well

  3. When it is eaten, pour it on the fungus and mix well. This dish is announced.

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