Recipe: Musk glutinous rice ribs

Home Cooking Recipe: Musk glutinous rice ribs


There are also the remaining leaves of the scorpion in the house. It is a pity to throw it away in vain. Use it to make a cage and make a glutinous pork rib. It is delicious. The eucalyptus leaves exude a faint scent, and the scent of glutinous rice, mixed with the meat of the ribs, so that the distinctive blend of flavors, really delicious, absolutely let you fall in love at first sight. If you like ribs, friends who like glutinous rice should try it.



  1. I use a small rib row, buy a good ribs to let the store give you a good meal, clean it after going home, drain the water, salt, vegetable oil, allspice, onion, ginger, soy sauce, oyster sauce and cooking wine for a long time.

  2. Glutinous rice is soaked in advance

  3. Laying leaves in the cage

  4. Every rib is wrapped in glutinous rice.

  5. Place it in a cage, steam it over a large fire, and steam it for 40 minutes.

  6. Put the chives in the pan


The glutinous rice must be soaked in advance so that the steamed glutinous rice is sparkling and will not be caught. For more recipe information, please visit:

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