Recipe: Mushroom yam stewed black chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Mushroom yam stewed black chicken


Autumn is lacking, dry things are dry, drink a little soup and water to supplement your strength.



  1. Black-bone chickens go to the internal organs to wash and control the dry water, ginger slices spare

  2. Dried shiitake mushrooms with water

  3. Yam washed and peeled and cut

  4. Pour enough water into the casserole, add the black-bone chicken, boil, and remove the floating foam.

  5. Put in other materials and transfer the heat for an hour and a half. Before eating, add the right amount of salt to taste.


It is best to use a crock, or a delicate casserole, a white ceramic pot on the inner wall, or a stainless steel pot. But don't use inferior casseroles, because the enamel inside contains lead, which is easy to dissolve when cooking acidic foods, which is harmful to human body. In addition, aluminum, iron and tin containers should not be used for soup. Once you have bought the crock pot or casserole for the first time, wash it, put a small amount of rice and boil it into rice soup, and then put the rice soup in the pot for one night to prevent cracking. During the soup, do not touch the inner wall or the bottom of the pot with a spoon, which will easily cause the casserole to burst. Don't let the crock pot or casserole directly rush into the cold water when it is very hot. After use, be sure to wait for it to cool naturally before cleaning. Do not place the casserole directly on the cold floor tiles or the kitchen stone tabletop. Because the hot pot will burst when it is cold, it is best to use a pot mat to place the bottom.

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