Recipe: Mushroom winter bamboo shoots, fried pickles

Home Cooking Recipe: Mushroom winter bamboo shoots, fried pickles


Pickles are made in the market and are ready to be marinated. It is very tasty to eat. It is very tasty.



  1. Wash the pickles, cut into 1cm sections, and the last leaves are not needed.

  2. Bamboo shoots and mushroom slices

  3. Red pepper and chives are ready for use.

  4. From the oil pan, stir-fry winter bamboo shoots and mushrooms, rise.

  5. Put up the oil pan, pour the pickles and stir fry. Add the stir-fried bamboo shoots and mushrooms and stir-fry the red pepper.

  6. Put sugar, stir fry, sprinkle with shallots, and serve.


Don't put salt on this dish, because the pickles themselves are salty. I’m looking at it myself, I don’t like it.

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