Recipe: Mushroom sea cucumber

Home Cooking Recipe: Mushroom sea cucumber


By parent-child paradise: free to share! I have to prepare Chinese dishes. I often do it. I am also one of my family's dishes. I have a variety of mushrooms and fresh fragrant entrances. Today I use crab mushrooms, as well as seafood mushrooms and white mushrooms. You can also Try it! Yuzyi8



  1. Prepare the material, first wash the shredded sea cucumber, cut the red pepper into silk, add the onion ginger, add salt, cooking wine, sugar for 10 minutes, the crab mushroom to the roots to wash.

  2. Cut the broccoli into a small flower-like water and simmer for 2 minutes. Pick up the oil. Put the crab on the frying pan, add the red pepper, add the juice and pour the marinated sea cucumber and fry. boiled

  3. Do not put any seasoning, when you marinate, add a small amount of soy sauce and pepper. Finally, pour the water starch to the sputum, add a small amount of chicken and mix well, and simmer the broccoli on the plate. In a circle, the sea cucumbers that have been prepared will be completed in the middle.

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