Recipe: Mushroom rapeseed

Home Cooking Recipe: Mushroom rapeseed


Mushroom rape is really the most homely dish, right? ! And it seems that this dish likes to eat in both the north and the south. I went to school in the north to know that this kind of vegetable is called rape in the north, and in the south we often say that the rape is another kind of vegetable, so if everyone wants to eat in the south, This dish, you must ask the name.



  1. The rapeseed is washed, and the dried shiitake mushrooms and sea rice are soaked in soft water in advance with soft water. Add water to the soup pot and boil, add salt, a spoonful (15ml) of cooking oil and mix well. Then put in the rapeseed. After the fire is boiled again, the rapeseed will be immediately removed and soaked in cold water.

  2. The good rapeseed is soaked in cold and then neatly placed on the plate. At this point, put a small amount of oil in the wok. After the fire is burned to 30%, turn into a small fire and put in the ham slices.

  3. Put the soaked mushrooms and seaweed and continue to stir the scent with a small fire.

  4. Add the white sugar and mix well, then pour in a small bowl of water, turn into a large fire and boil. Dip the water into the water and push it evenly. After the soup is hooked, pour it on the rape.


This dish is very simple, just need to cook the rape in advance, and then do the juice. Put salt and cooking oil in the hot water to make the dishes brighter and more delicious. Not only rapeseed, peas, kale, etc. can use this method

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