Recipe: Mushroom rapeseed

Home Cooking Recipe: Mushroom rapeseed


In the kitchen search, the practice of mushroom rapeseed actually several versions =. = However, it seems that this method is most suitable for lazy people...·····Do not repeat the pot. Don't tell me that the practice of God is authentic and not authentic. It is king in my world to be easy to operate.



  1. Wash the rapeseed, oh

  2. Dried shiitake mushrooms, soaked in hair. Tips for watching:)

  3. Prepare the onion ginger pieces, add the hot pot to the oil, add the green onion ginger after the fragrance

  4. Add oyster sauce, a small amount of soy sauce, simmered juice

  5. Put the mushrooms in the foam and stir fry

  6. After the mushrooms are tasted, put in the rape and stir fry

  7. Add a little bit of water and cook a little, add salt, and cook.


1. The mushroom is soaked, take a lidded container such as a lunch box, put it into the mushroom, add warm water, cover it, and sway up and down for about 5 minutes. The mushrooms are basically soaked. 2. The pearl mushroom I use is not big and does not need to be treated. If it is a mushroom, you can draw a cross knife or cut into several petals to facilitate the taste.

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