Recipe: Mushroom mushroom soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Mushroom mushroom soup



  1. The dried mushrooms are soaked in advance, then the sediment is washed, and the water of the mushroom is set aside.

  2. Cut the excess fat from the chicken legs, wash and put in a casserole. Pour a piece of ginger and onion knot

  3. After the water of the mushroom is precipitated, remove the sediment, take the water above, and pour it into the casserole. Add enough water to the soup once, if not enough, add the right amount of water.

  4. Heat the fire and boil for 1 hour. Add the mushrooms and cook for another hour.

  5. Make a pot of water, drop two drops of oil in the water, boil and simmer the greens and river powder, put them in a bowl, and transfer the right amount of salt.

  6. Pour the mushroom chicken leg soup onto the river powder.


Like me, I don’t like chicken legs that are not tasteless in the soup. You can do this

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