Recipe: Mushroom fried pork

Home Cooking Recipe: Mushroom fried pork


The mushrooms themselves are delicious. Just adding salt is enough~



  1. Slice the tenderloin with a little cooking oil, cooking wine, soy sauce, and starch.

  2. Wash the slices of Tricholoma and mushrooms. Slice the garlic and chop it if you like the garlic.

  3. Hot pot cold oil, small fire. Put the meat into it, and quickly stir-fry (the way to draw the circle, the color will be white. It will not be fried for too long, it doesn't matter if it is not fully cooked, because it will be fried again. The meat will be old for too long.

  4. Leave the bottom oil in the pot, put a part of the garlic, add the garlic to the mushroom, stir fry until the water is reduced, then put the meat into the small fry, put the salt and the remaining garlic. Stir-fry the pan.


The tenderloin is very easy to cook (of course, if you don't cut it too thickly, so it can be kept smooth with starch beforehand. Adding oil is to prevent the meat from sticking too much. Be sure to heat the hot oil and simmer quickly.

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