Recipe: Mushroom egg tart

Home Cooking Recipe: Mushroom egg tart


I saw the mushrooms and egg tarts made by others on the website. It feels very good. I made it a few times. It is easy to make, and the taste is delicious and smooth. I made some adjustments according to my daughter's taste.



  1. Mushrooms are thick, round, and similar in size. After washing, they are stalked. When you go to the pedicle, you can dig it in a little, so that the yolk can be placed in the middle.

  2. Put the mushrooms in the pan, then put the right amount of salt and oyster sauce on the mushrooms, and put a few pieces of ginger on the plate.

  3. Hit the quail eggs in the pitted place.

  4. Steam in the pan for 10 minutes, start the pan and remove the ginger from the side.

  5. Put the red pepper into the pan and fry it, then pour the soup from the steamed mushroom into the pot, put some salt and chopped green onion, shun with the starch, and the soup is ready, and pour it on the steamed mushroom egg tart. It will make the dishes more beautiful, the taste is smoother and the taste is more delicious.

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