Recipe: Mushroom chicken soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Mushroom chicken soup


This soup can nourish blood, nourish the skin and improve immunity. Mushroom can enhance the body's immune function and has anti-cancer effect. It uses chicken and chicken together with chicken soup. The active ingredients in the mushroom are dissolved in the soup, which can improve the absorption rate of the human body. The chicken soup itself also has the function of improving the immunity of the respiratory system. One effect.



  1. The whole chicken that has been bought has been cleaned of the internal organs. After washing it, the chicken's head and tail are removed. There are two thick pieces of fat in the tail body, which are also removed, and the lymph on the neck of the chicken is also removed. Wash your favorite mushrooms and cut into pieces. Wash them with red dates and simmer. Soak them in warm water for a while.

  2. Inject a sufficient amount of water into the pot, into the whole chicken under cold water, remove the floating foam after boiling, add ginger, soaked red dates and medlar, and mushrooms. Are you using dried shiitake mushrooms, the water of the shiitake mushrooms is not as good as pouring into the soup, the flavor is more concentrated, so you can carefully clean the mushrooms.

  3. If the chicken and black chicken are cooked for 2 hours, the three yellow chickens will be enough for 1 hour.


Chai chicken, black-bone chicken, and three yellow chickens can all be used, or half a black-bone chicken and half a chicken chicken. It is also very good. It takes a little time for the chicken and black-bone chicken to pick up the soup. It takes about 2 hours, and it is more troublesome to use the three-yellow chicken. This soup is made with dried or fresh mushrooms, and the nutritional value is the same. If you don't like to eat mushrooms, you can change it to your favorite mushroom. It will be very good with the taste of chicken soup. The mushroom contains the woman's "Ancestral Ace": Selenium can promote skin metabolism and anti-aging. If you are afraid of the oil of chicken soup, you can put the cooked chicken soup into a small bowl and let it cool. After the oil has solidified, it will be removed and heated. It is said that the water of the mushroom is rich in nutrients, and it can be used as a "spa" massage for the calf, arm and other places where the body is relatively easy to dry, so that the epidermal cells can fully absorb the water and the skin will be softer and whiter. If you are like me, don't like the chicken breast in the soup, you can take the chicken breast down, tear it into filaments, and then find some ready-made vegetables from the refrigerator, spend a few minutes, and make a refreshing salad. Chicken shreds. Friends who feel that the chicken soup is greasy may also try to eat with such a small dish~

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