Recipe: Muscle-reducing squid

Home Cooking Recipe: Muscle-reducing squid


In addition to slimming, eating germinated rice has many added value. Therefore, you should eat germinated rice every day. When brown rice is germinated, components such as γ-aminobutyric acid and phytic acid are produced, and thus it is an excellent slimming rice. Brown rice that has not yet germinated has always been regarded as an excellent health food. In fact, the digestion and absorption rate of brown rice is very low, and the nutrients that are hard to eat are often not digested and absorbed by the human body and directly excreted. However, once germinated, the effect will be different. Because of the cracks in the rice bran, it becomes easier to be digested. The rich nutrition of the original brown rice is also more easily absorbed by the human body. The germinated rice will become softer, sweeter and even cook the same as white rice. The way is precisely because of the role of germination.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Cut the squid and celery.

    Cut the squid and celery.

  2. Home Cooking Recipe: Put the squid, mushroom, celery and radish into the germinated rice and stir well to eat.

    Put the squid, mushroom, celery and radish into the germinated rice and stir well to eat.


Mushrooms are rich in vitamin B1, which can effectively increase the calorie consumption rate of carbohydrates. Germinated rice also contains vitamin B1, plus the effect of germinated rice is greater. Raw radishes contain amylases and enzymes that help digest carbohydrates, which promote digestion and detoxification.

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