Recipe: Mung bean version "pea yellow"

Home Cooking Recipe: Mung bean version


Originally wanted to be the daughter's favorite pea yellow, fortunately bought a peeling mung bean in a treasure, the result suddenly thought that pea yellow should be done with peas. Helpless, I ponder this mung bean version of pea yellow. The taste can really be fake.



  1. Wash the mung beans more than ten times with water. One is the mung bean skin that has not been washed. The second is to remove the bean flavor.

  2. Soak for about half a day

  3. Wash again twice, steam on the pot for half an hour.

  4. Mix the sugar in the hot water and put in the hot water like mung bean. Put it in the cooking machine and mix it evenly.

  5. Put it in the glass lock and pour it out for half a day.


After adding water, you can also cook together. The amount of water should not be too small. Otherwise, it should be too dry or too much. Otherwise, it must be dried up. In short, this recipe is still very convenient.

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