Recipe: Mung bean stuffing

Home Cooking Recipe: Mung bean stuffing


Tip: This stuffing can not be used to make moon cakes, can not be used to make moon cakes, can not be used to make moon cakes, mung bean stuffing is done by reference to other recipes, do not like too sweet, so the sugar content and oil amount according to their own taste For reference only, the first time I do it, I peeled the mung bean skin, I felt like I was going crazy, this time I bought the peeled, the taste is good, I suggest you buy the ready-made



  1. Peeled green beans, I was soaking in the morning, changing the water at night, and using it the next morning.

  2. Pour the mung bean into the rice cooker and add the appropriate amount of water to flood the mung bean 1~2CM. Cook, cook until the surface of the lid is not visible. Just dial the water under the mung bean.

  3. Put the mung beans together and take them into the cooking machine and make them into mud.

  4. Pour the mung bean puree into a non-stick pan, stir fry over low heat, stir fry until a little dry, add one-third of the oil and sugar, and add it again after all absorption.

  5. Stir fry until you need the softness and hardness. If you don't use it immediately, cool it and store it with plastic wrap. Otherwise, the surface will dry and affect the taste.


Some recipes are steamed, not cooked, I don’t think it’s fast, so it’s cooking, and you can save the water.

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