Recipe: Mung bean ice

Home Cooking Recipe: Mung bean ice


Homemade summer mung bean ice, as long as there is a refrigerator and ice-making abrasives can do!



  1. 熬 熬 汤 ,, this can refer to other recipes, for the convenience of the map, I use the rice cooker porridge function, personally feel good, mung beans all boiled, boring for an hour or two is delicious

  2. Add twice as much sugar as usual. Imagine the sweetness of the mung bean popsicles. Stir well, suffocate for an hour in the pan, or watch yourself like it.

  3. I picked up the green beans (without soup), soaked in milk or cream, I dunk for an hour, so that the taste of mung bean milk is more

  4. Mix the mung bean with the milk, the mung bean soup and the mung bean. Mix the ingredients in the ice machine and eat it in the frozen layer.


I experimented two or three times. The first time I didn't add milk, and the sugar was not put enough, the result was ice with a little mung bean flavor. Summarize two tips: 1, sugar to put a lot; 2, mung beans to fill each compartment of the ice maker, so the taste is good, otherwise it is chewing ice, so for the mung bean flavor, whether in the sugar soup In the milk/cream, it’s necessary to soak for a long time.

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