Recipe: Mulberry wine

Home Cooking Recipe: Mulberry wine


Last year, my relatives gave me two bottles of mulberry wine. I didn’t drink a cup of wine. I tasted it very well. There are so many benefits in mulberry. I bought 12 pounds this year and asked my relatives how to make it. He said that it is 10 pounds of mulberry 6 pounds of sugar. When I knocked on rock sugar, I thought about how to make such a polysaccharide. Is it because the old man remembered it wrong and called again? The mulberry wine really had to put such a polysaccharide. He told me to put 5 pounds. So I was afraid of being too sweet, I put sugar on 5 kg, 12 kg of mulberry 6 kg of sugar just loaded a bottle.



  1. The mulberry that was bought back was soaked in water for 30 minutes, washed twice, and dried with a plastic sieve.

  2. Large pieces of rock sugar broken

  3. Prepare the bottle of water to eliminate the poison, put on disposable gloves, grab a piece of mulberry in the bottle (not crushed), a layer of mulberry a layer of sugar, until the end of the loading, 12 kg of mulberry 20 kg bottle just one bottle. I covered the bottle with a fresh-keeping bag and sealed it with a lid.

  4. After 10 days, the lid was opened and stirred, and the lid was sealed for 10 days and filtered with gauze.

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