Recipe: Mulberry strawberry jam

Home Cooking Recipe: Mulberry strawberry jam


From the beginning of spring, I have been clamoring to buy mulberry jams, and I forgot to start. Finally, at the reminder of a good friend on the weekend, I remembered that there was such a thing that was not completed. Nowadays, the mulberry is not too delicious to eat, but the nutritional value is quite high, and the processed products are also very gratifying. This jam is used too much and can be used as a bread companion, a yogurt companion, a smoothie companion, an ice cream companion, a cake companion, a biscuit companion... can be used as a semi-finished product to make a muffin, a hurricane, a pudding, a cheesecake.... Even when you are widowed, you can dig a spoonful and put it in your mouth. The biajibiaji's aftertaste is half-day, sour and sweet. The original large fruit, concentrated essence.



  1. Strawberry, mulberry soaked in salt water, controlled to dry, dehydrated

  2. Put in the pot, add sugar, cook slowly, stir while cooking

  3. Cook the strawberry mulberry for a while, then simmer for 30-40 minutes on a small fire.

  4. Cook until the last juice is slowly concentrated, you can turn off the fire. After cooling, put it in a container that has been sterilized with hot water, preferably a glass bottle.

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