Recipe: Mulberry jam juice

Home Cooking Recipe: Mulberry jam juice



  1. After washing the mulberry, remove the twigs, add twice the water, add 1/3 of the rock sugar to cook, add lemon juice. Stirring to break the mulberry particles

  2. After boiling, some of the soup can be filled, and the flesh is filtered out as mulberry juice, which can be directly consumed. The taste is refreshing and sweet after refrigerating.


The remaining puree continues to be boiled until the soup is less and close to the dry, ie the mulberry sauce, which retains the large-grain mulberry taste. It can be made or matched with various kinds of snacks. Washing the mulberry needs to be very careful, because it is dark and purple, it is easy to dye any object it touches, and then stubbornly left a mark there, no longer disappearing.

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