Recipe: Mud tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Mud tofu


The loach is rich in nutrients, and contains protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus and vitamins, which are higher than the average fish. The meat is tender and delicious, sweet and flat, with warm and beneficial gas, detoxification and recovery. "Water ginseng" is the autumn beauty health and delicious food



  1. After the loach is bought home, it is kept in the clear water for a week, so that its stomach is washed with water (because it is to be cooked, so it must be cleaned)

  2. Cut the tofu into a large piece (because the tender tofu is easy to break) and put it in a cold water pot with the loach and ginger.

  3. Slowly cook the small fire and cover the lid (press the sputum, because the pot is hot, the loach can be smashed)

  4. Wait for the mud to get into the tofu or jump into the soup.

  5. Open the pot and pour the broth and rice wine, cook for a while

  6. Adding salad oil, salt, pepper and cabbage will be OK (with lard on the taste)


Soup is rich and delicious

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