Recipe: Mozzarella cheese baked mushrooms

Home Cooking Recipe: Mozzarella cheese baked mushrooms


Entering May, the weather will only get hotter and hotter. People who have burnt vegetables in hot weather and who have been sore by the dripping sweat know that it is very painful. But they don't want to fall into the fast food restaurants of all sizes, so cooking in the oven becomes a must-have for summer. Mozzarella cheese baked mushrooms - first prepare ten to twenty mushrooms, make a cross knife, add salt, black pepper, cumin (without adding personal taste), marinate for ten minutes, then mix in oil (Salad oil, olive oil, as long as it is not scented, such as peanut oil, etc.), evenly grasped, put a few mozzarella cheese on the belly up, preheat the 210 ° oven for ten minutes, then put the mushrooms, ten Five minutes out, the mushrooms are tender, the cheese is a bit crunchy, very delicious, personally feels better than meat, haha...



  1. After washing the mushrooms, cut the cross knife on the back

  2. Add salt and marinate the mushrooms evenly.

  3. Add black pepper, cumin (without adding personal taste), and marinate for ten minutes.

  4. Put in oil (not to mention odorous oil here, such as peanut oil, etc., this personal feeling smell will conflict), evenly grasped

  5. The mushroom belly is facing the cheese, otherwise the cheese will overflow during the baking process.

  6. After preheating for 20 minutes in the oven, put it in the baking pan, bake for fifteen minutes, and then serve it, and put it on, so that the mozzarella cheese baked with mushrooms can be eaten.


Sometimes the mushrooms are tired of eating, or those who do not eat mushrooms can be replaced with chicken legs, enoki mushrooms, and chicken legs. If it is cooked, it will take a little longer to bake.

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