Recipe: Mountain pepper soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Mountain pepper soup


Go to the restaurant's favorite dish, the acid comes from vinegar and pepper, neutralize the spicy, but together with the spicy to discuss the state affairs, kill a bowl of white rice. The fat beef tastes smooth, with enoki mushroom and fans, delicious to bite the tongue...



  1. The peppers are cut into small pieces, the ginger and garlic are finished, the onions are cut into thin sections, and the fans are watery. The beef is immersed in water for several times, and the blood is washed away.

  2. Into the oil, 70% of the heat of the mushroom, fried, and picked up at the bottom of the plate for use

  3. Into the oil, Qicheng hot added to the bell pepper, ginger, half of minced garlic, sauteed with pepper, Jiayu County bean paste sauteed

  4. Add medium amount of water, boil vinegar, sugar, salt seasoning, add to the fans and beef rolls cooked

  5. Pick up the fans and spread them on the mushroom, then spread the fat beef roll and spread the remaining garlic.

  6. Another small amount of oil pan, 50% hot plus two Jingjing and millet spicy fried to micro-paste, add dried chili to turn off the fire

  7. Shake the pan, let the dried chilies get hot, pour on the dish to stimulate the garlic

  8. Sprinkle with scallions and start enjoying it.


Fans should not be too much, it is easy to paste the pot, so the red man is not doing this dish, haha. The last oil must be hot enough to make the whole dish awesome! The sour taste is brought by the mountain pepper and vinegar. It is super refreshing and has a long aftertaste. This dish is a relatively complicated Sichuan cuisine, using several kinds of peppers, oil and other techniques. For details, please see the Sichuan food technology sharing that I wrote: Http://

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