Recipe: Mother-in-law

Home Cooking Recipe: Mother-in-law


Almost all family members like to eat mud, and the refrigerator freezer often stores some, no matter the buns, all kinds of crisps can be used at any time.



  1. Taro peeled and sliced ​​in a steamer and steamed on the pan. The steaming time is determined by the thickness of the taro. It takes about 15 minutes to steam. The steaming time is almost the same. Try it with chopsticks. The chopsticks can be poked and cooked.

  2. The hot head of the steamed bread is placed on the cutting board and the piece is pressed with a knife. It is necessary to press down one piece and then press down one piece, so that there will be no particles, and the good mud will be smooth and delicious. Of course you can also use a spoon to crush the mud.

  3. Heat the lard in a wok, pour in the mashed pork, stir fry, add sugar for a while, continue to stir fry, if the fry does not open too dry, add some boiling water, stir fry to the mud, shiny, can be a group Turn off the fire and let it cool.

  4. After the mud is cool, pour it into small balls and put it in a fresh-keeping bag to freeze it in the refrigerator. When it is used, it can be used in a microwave oven to heat it.


1 The amount of sugar and oil can be adjusted by yourself. Try the taste when frying. If you want to make a dessert, take some of the cooked mud and boil it and boil it. You can eat it directly. 2 My mother taught me another way, add a small amount of water, put in sugar, boil the boil, put the clams in and slowly stir fry until the mud is dry and into a group.

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