Recipe: Mother brand homemade sausage / sausage

Home Cooking Recipe: Mother brand homemade sausage / sausage


The sausage made by my mother is very popular with everyone. One time, a restaurant owner specially asked his mother to teach the chef to make it. Every time I make sausages, the neighbors come to study. After learning and doing it together, they laugh and fill, and they are very lively. Every winter, I have to take away a lot from home. It is better to teach fish than to give it to fish. This time, go home and participate in the production. If you want to eat, you can do it yourself.



  1. Cut the pork into large pieces, mix all the spices and mix well.

  2. Use a mineral water bottle and cut the bottle mouth as a funnel

  3. The head of the casing is tied with a thread and knotted; the other end is placed on the mouth of the bottle, tied with a thread, and the meat is stuffed into the casing, and the wire is tied at intervals, and then the toothpick or needle is used to vent the sausage.

  4. Hang it under the armpit to dry, it is best to have sunshine, 20 days later.


1. Pork is best to bring a little fat; 2. The spoon, teaspoon and cup in the recipe are kitchen measuring tools, please refer to 1/30/16/21/u118679527_12e8dc11cacg214.jpg3. Halogen powder can be used with allspice powder, Wang Shouyi thirteen incense and so on. Other chili powder and pepper powder can be placed at will.

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