Recipe: Mora Soup Harira Soup - Lonely Gourmet

Home Cooking Recipe: Mora Soup Harira Soup - Lonely Gourmet


For every country that I have been to, the beauty and memory in memory always have deep feelings. Although I told people several times that Morocco is the most troublesome food in the country I have been to, I have missed this taste as time goes by. When my friend and I said that the third episode of "The Lonely Gourmet" in the fifth episode talked about Moroccan food, I went to see it. It is a wonderful feeling to listen to the memories of the time again through the TV. I still remember the first time I drank the Harila soup, a Ramadan night in the central city of Fes, Morocco. I hated Taki and hated Coskus. I felt that the barbecue was unhealthy but I didn’t want to eat pasta. At this time, a bowl of Harry's soup was randomly selected and the door of taste was opened. "There is still such a delicious soup!" This soup tastes a bit like borscht, but with more spices, with chickpeas and lentils makes the feeling of fullness stronger and more fragrant. Especially suitable for Ramadan after a day of hunger, comfort yourself at night. This recipe is compiled from Lin Xingxiang's "Middle Eastern Cuisine Step123". The ingredients are the weight of the side dish soup for 3 people.



  1. Cut the burdock; cut diced onion; diced carrot; peeled diced tomato; chopped parsley (stick and leaves can be chopped separately); chopped parsley.

  2. Add the buttery diced onion, add the sirloin stir fry, add the parsley and parsley stir fry, add the carrot and tomato stir fry, add the salt and black pepper to taste, add three portions of water for 30min. .

  3. Add turmeric powder and saffron after 30 min and mix well. Add the chickpeas, lentils, rice, pasta (cut) and a large spoonful of ketchup for 30 minutes.

  4. Add egg liquid to break up before the pan, add lemon juice to taste, add the remaining coriander leaves and simmer for a while to cook! (Taste the taste before the pan, increase the amount of salt and ketchup appropriately)


Although it seems that there are a lot of ingredients, some of the less common materials I have marked the optional turmeric powder and cilantro to add a different taste to the soup. I think it is still indispensable to buy the Middle East lentils. It is not necessary to use rice and pasta. You can put it all or you can choose one of them. The soup is full and full, and it is very consistent with the one you tasted in Morocco before.

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