Recipe: Mom's glutinous rice cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Mom's glutinous rice cake


This year my parents came to Xi'an to spend the New Year with us. My mom will make this kind of rice cake every year. I followed the study and made a report to the work. Many kitchen friends read it and said it is like Babao rice. I don't know if it is. Because my family has been doing the eight-treasure rice that I have never bought outside. Everyone asked to write a recipe. I sorted out the steps and verified it with my mom. Sorry, there is no step map, because I also didn't think about sending recipes for the first time. I should use words to express it at the request of the kitchen friends. Welcome to ask questions. My family has always made bean fillings myself, and I like to have a little graininess and not too sweet. If you don't want to do it yourself, you can buy finished bean stuffing.



  1. Wash the red beans and add water for eight to ten hours. You can soak up the night before. The glutinous rice is washed clean, and the water is added. The amount of water is almost the same as that of rice. It is also a day in advance.

  2. Add red beans and water (the ratio of water to beans is about 2:1) into the pressure cooker, cook for about 20 minutes, turn off the fire, etc., and let the pressure cooker put it out, open it and see if it can be easily crushed into mud with a spoon or spatula. If you can't cook it, you can cook it for a while. If you feel too wet, open the lid and cook it to make the water volatilize. Be careful not to cook the bottom of the pot. In short, you can master the heat and dryness and humidity.

  3. Add the sugar to the bean paste and mix well, so the red bean filling will be done. You can do more, the rice cake can not be used to steam bread.

  4. Put the soaked glutinous rice on the fire and cook it. You don't need to cook it completely. Just see that the rice has completely sucked in the water.

  5. Lay the drawer cloth on the steamer's cage (this cloth must be large enough, you must be able to completely wrap the top of the prepared rice cake, so that the rice cake steamed and carried the four corners of the drawer cloth can take it out, If the drawer cloth is too small, just fill the cage, and it will be difficult to remove it after steaming.) Use a spoon to stick cold water, spread a layer of glutinous rice on the drawer cloth, then spread a layer of bean filling, and then lay a layer of glutinous rice. Another layer of bean filling, and finally a layer of glutinous rice. Note that each layer of glutinous rice and bean stuffing should not be pressed hard and gently flattened so that it can be layered.

  6. The last layer of glutinous rice is finished, smoothed with a spoon and dipped in cold water. Topped with red dates, raisins or a variety of candied fruit, candied green silk and rose buds, it is best to look good and colorful, and put on a beautiful shape. My family only has red dates and raisins, so it is not very beautiful.

  7. Use chopsticks to pour some holes in the rice cake, then sprinkle some water, then completely wrap the rice cake with a drawer cloth. The fire is steamed for half an hour to forty minutes. The specific time depends on the size of the rice cake, you can open it at any time and see if you are cooked.

  8. Open the drawer on the rice cake, use a large flat plate to buckle on the rice cake, slowly take the rice cake out of the four corners of the drawer, turn it over, put the rice cake face down on the plate, slowly put The drawer cloth was removed. Then take another flat plate and put it on top, so that the rice cake is bottom-up, with the candied side facing down, with a plate on both sides, holding two plates with both hands and turning the rice cake over, letting the fruit cake With the side facing up, remove the plate above and the rice cake is presented.

  9. At this time, the rice cake will be deformed by the drawer cloth. It can be a little deformed by hand. We can use the hand to rub the water and give it a whole shape. This is the first time I have done this on my picture. The plastic is not very good, not round enough and a little thin. One side is thick. In short, the final appearance is perfect. Finally, when the cake is completely cooled, the shape is fixed.

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