Recipe: Miso soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Miso soup



  1. Tofu cut

  2. Mushroom and enoki mushroom washed and drained

  3. Beef slices are quickly picked up in boiling water and taken out

  4. Inject water into the pot, add the miso, melt the sauce in medium and small heat, stir constantly; add water to the tofu, simmer for 5 minutes

  5. Put in the mushrooms and continue to cook for a while.

  6. Finally, pour in the beef and mushroom, and turn off the fire immediately after the fire is boiled.


1. The amount of miso is added according to the taste, no need to add salt; 2. Quickly pick up the beef slices first to make them cleaner. If you don't mind, you can save this step. 3. The ingredients can be chosen at will, and you can relax if you like to let go.

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