Recipe: 1 minute microwave oven brownie brownie

Home Cooking Recipe: 1 minute microwave oven brownie brownie


Lazy gospel! Late night solution! For those who are particularly demanding, this is still a bit different from the brownie that comes out of the oven, but the taste is already very similar.



  1. Dark chocolate with a little water microwave oven melted for 20 seconds, I use 90% dark chocolate

  2. Add flour, water, oil, and sugar to stir. . . The amount of sugar is determined by taste. The ratio of flour, water and oil should be 2:1:1. Flour can be dug out of a small shape with a common spoon. The oil can be used arbitrarily, the olive oil may have a taste, and the butter needs to melt. Generally, four spoonfuls of flour, two spoonfuls of water, and two tablespoons of oil. Stir well should be a thick but slow-flowing liquid. The water absorption capacity of the flour is different, and you have to feel it yourself.

  3. Microwave oven for 1 minute, time you still have to look at yourself, it is best to take 40 seconds to take a look


Never add eggs! I tried to add eggs before, and the taste was very disgusting. . . Can only say, do not use baking powder, brownie is a very silky taste. . . .

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