Recipe: Mini bag dish

Home Cooking Recipe: Mini bag dish


Mini-packed vegetable balls, a common vegetable in North America, can be said to be relatives of cabbage, and the taste is somewhat similar. The ball is 3-5 cm in size, and it is like a mini version of the cabbage.



  1. Bacon chopped diced, sautéed in a pan until crispy, oil is forced out; add a little cooking oil to heat

  2. Wash the small cabbage, cut off a few roots, peel off the outer leaf, cut into two halves, and sauté into the fragrant bacon pot.

  3. After a few fry, add a small amount of water, cook for 5-7 minutes, add a little sugar, salt, black pepper to taste


1. Personally, I like the crispy taste of bacon. After the frying, the bacon will be served. After the small cabbage is cooked, it will be sprinkled before the pot; 2. The cooking time of Brussel sprouts should not be too long, and it can be broken for at most 7 or 8 minutes; otherwise, special substances will cause bitterness and special smell.

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