Recipe: Minced pork with vegetables

Home Cooking Recipe: Minced pork with vegetables


This dish is also a frequent visitor to my table. Fully in line with the characteristics of home cooking: simple, fast, nutritious and delicious. Now is the good season to eat baby food, but it is often found that someone has bought the big leaf with the Chinese cabbage to pretend to be a doll dish. It is said that there are some vegetable farmers who grow cabbage, the gap is very small, try to let Chinese cabbage is not long enough to pretend to be a doll dish. I have bought N times of doll dishes, and I have been used to it, only once. But eating baby food often makes me slowly find some rules. Regardless of the color and taste, there are some differences between the real baby dish and the Chinese cabbage. I deliberately found two comparison pictures reported by Hebei Youth Daily. Everyone can carefully discern, obviously can feel the shape of the doll dish is more uniform and meticulous, the width of the head and tail is basically the same, and the heart of the cabbage can see the roots are thick and the color is more yellow and white.



  1. Wash the baby dish and boil it with boiling water. Cook until the yellow leaves are partially transparent, and the white stems can be softened.

  2. Put the oil in the wok, add the minced meat and fry until it is discolored. Add the oyster sauce and stir well. Add half a bowl of water, a little salt, boil.

  3. Add starch to the water starch, and pour the juice into the baby dish.


I put it down a bit, or you can cut the doll chopper according to the comparison of the cabbage dish in the above. When the baby dish is drowning, it can be fished out after about one minute after the water is opened. If you like to eat soft, you can burn it for a while; It is not advisable to simmer the simmered juice for too long, and it is evenly wrapped in the minced meat for three or five seconds. The simmering juice is heated for too long and it is easy to destroy the umami taste.

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