Recipe: Minced pork, edamame

Home Cooking Recipe: Minced pork, edamame


This dish, when I was very young, my mother often used to cook bibimbap for me. Every time my mother did it, she must leave a lot of soup, because I love to put a few spoonfuls in rice. Every time I have it, I am sure I can eat a big bowl of rice. The deliciousness of the tomato, the bean flavor of the edamame, and the addition of a little minced meat, so easy to get the ingredients, such a simple combination, but contains a very nutritious and delicious. Yesterday, I made this dish and I wanted to pass a piece of work. I didn’t have a similar recipe related to edamame. I was not only very surprised. I thought this dish would be a very common home-cooked dish. On the table of the Chinese family, after all, it is already a dish I am used to! Ok, let me introduce this my favorite mom dish to everyone~



  1. The minced meat is mixed with cooking wine, a small amount of raw food is slightly mixed, and the soy sauce is not too much or the color is too dark;rCut the tomato into small Ding, it is not too troublesome to peel and diced;rWash and drain fresh edamame;

  2. Put the oil in the pan and stir the scent under the ginger;rLower minced meat, stir-fried minced meat;rAdd fresh green soybeans and stir well;rAdd water until the edamame is drowned about 0.5 cm;

  3. After boiling the water and boiling the water, cover the lid;rTurn a small fire, 焖 about 10 minutes;rOpen the lid and try to see if the edamame is soft. If you like it, it can be shortened a little for a minute or two. If you like it, you can extend it for a minute or two, depending on the taste.

  4. After the beans have reached the level they want, add the tomato diced;rPut salt and let the tomatoes get out of the water as soon as possible;rOpen a big fire, speed up the stewing of the tomato and start collecting juice;

  5. The juice is strongly recommended not to be too dry, and it is very delicious to leave some bibimbap;rYou can try it, if the tomato is not sweet enough to be sour, add a little sugar to taste;rWhen you feel it is right, turn off the fire.

  6. Be sure to eat with a large spoon kuai~ Enjoy it~


1. The hardness of edamame can be adjusted according to your own taste. It is recommended that the sputum is slightly softer and will be very similar to the taste of canned kidney beans. 2, the water before the shabu-shabu is best to add enough once, if the middle must be added, it is recommended to use boiling water, do not use cold water; 3, the tomato must not be placed first, first put the tomato, its acidity will make the beans difficult to soft; 4, put the tomato and then put the salt is better, so the salt can make the tomato juice water accelerate release; 5, tomatoes and edamame are extremely delicious, you can not add MSG chicken and the like.

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