Recipe: Minced eggplant

Home Cooking Recipe: Minced eggplant


Special home-made minced meat with eggplant



  1. Eggplant cut into strips, prevent darkening in the water

  2. Meat can be twisted or minced into meat, and marinated in a little cooking wine for a while.

  3. Drain the water from the eggplant, fry the oil in a frying pan, and remove the oil.

  4. Scallion + ginger + garlic cut into pieces and put into the oil pan, warm oil, fragrant, green and red pepper cut strips

  5. Pour the meat and fry until the water is dry.

  6. Pour in the fried eggplant and fry a few times, then pour in the chopped green pepper and add a little soy sauce.

  7. Stir-fried green and red peppers, put the salt and stir-fry evenly, you can sauté the chopped green onion.


The eggplant must not be fried too badly. It is almost golden when the surface is golden. The flesh must be broken and not smashed. Green pepper can be added or not added according to personal taste Do not put more soy sauce

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