Recipe: Millet residue

Home Cooking Recipe: Millet residue


Suddenly I missed the smell of the fragrant scent, so I found the easiest and most feasible way to reunite with it~~ When I went out of the pot, I cut it into four pieces like a pizza, and the result was destroyed, but the result was destroyed, but The inside of the meat and meat entrance is instant, and finally satisfied ~~



  1. Wash the millet, soak the water for more than 4 hours, and change the water two or three times in the middle.

  2. The pork belly will not be cut open, put a little oil in the pot, fry the skin, and remove it slightly slightly.

  3. After the meat is taken out, let it cool. If it is not hot, it can be cut into small pieces, and then marinated for more than 3 hours with cooking wine, soy sauce, star anise, cinnamon and ginger.

  4. If you soak it well, you can cook it. Pour the millet into the bottom of the pot and spread it evenly. Then spread the piece of meat out and spread it evenly on the millet. You can use the chopsticks to press the meat a little.

  5. Pour the right amount of water, usually just indifference to rice and meat.

  6. I cook it in an electric pressure cooker, it only takes 20 minutes, if the ordinary steaming or cooking time takes more than 1 hour. And before the millet soaked in water for a longer time.

  7. The golden musk millet slag can be put into the pan.


If there is no pressure cooker, millet should be soaked as long as possible, such as one night, so that it is soft and simmering.

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