Recipe: Milky purple potato black rice porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Milky purple potato black rice porridge


I am going to dinner, but I can also eat it as a dessert. There will be a thick milky fragrance, a soft purple potato and a black rice that tastes good.



  1. Soak the black rice for a while.

  2. Water and black rice into the rice cooker, boil. (cooked like boiled black rice porridge)

  3. Treat the purple potato at the same time, you can put it on top, or you can cook it together. It is easier to cut small pieces.

  4. When the black rice is ripe, power off and pour out the water.

  5. Mix the purple potato into a puree, mix it well with black rice, and add milk. (Or it is more convenient to add milk and then mix well)

  6. Continue to cook, add the right amount of rock sugar according to your taste (more will be greasy), and keep stirring during the period to avoid sticking the pan.

  7. The steam is steaming, the black rice is cooked, and the milk and purple potato are mixed and you can start to scream.


1. Why didn't you write a specific time? Because the rice cooker I use is very small, it doesn't take long to use another pot. 2. Black rice can also be cooked thoroughly before proceeding, just casually, anyway, it will be cooked. 3. Do not write the amount, click on the total number of people. 4. Not good at writing recipes at all, it is gongs and drums.

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