Recipe: Milky pumpkin juice. Soymilk version

Home Cooking Recipe: Milky pumpkin juice. Soymilk version


This hot drink is quick and easy. Put the ingredients into the soymilk machine and wait for it. No extra solid materials such as millet and oatmeal are added. It is refreshing and non-sticky. It is more suitable as a drink instead of a thick soup. The pumpkin is sweet and has a light milky fragrance. It has become one of my most popular hot drinks, no one!



  1. Peel the pumpkin, cut into cubes, and put in the soymilk. About a bowl of pumpkin can be used.

  2. Add a bag of milk. If you like milky flavor, you can increase the amount of milk, or add some light cream.

  3. Add 30g white sugar. Sweeteners can increase in moderation

  4. Add water to the soymilk water level line. My soymilk capacity is 1300ml

  5. Choose the grain soy milk program, wait for it.


Pumpkins must use golden yellow, large strips, and small rounds. The pumpkins of this color are thicker and sweeter.

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