Recipe: Milk purple rice porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Milk purple rice porridge


A quick breakfast with the theme of cleaning fast expired milk, I like the thick milk flavor. I think that the color of the purple rice is comparable to the purple potato!



  1. After scouring the purple rice, soak it in water for more than half an hour, so that the porridge cooked will be very embarrassing.

  2. Pour a proper amount of milk and water mixture. If you like milk, the proportion of milk can be increased. However, in my experience, if the whole milk is not used, the taste will be very sticky and unsatisfactory.

  3. Put it in a small saucepan and plug it in. It’s thick and ok~~Flower~


Stewed twice, the time can be controlled at 2.5h, if it is too long, the evaporation of water will stick to the dead!

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