Recipe: Milk foam tea

Home Cooking Recipe: Milk foam tea


A cup of milk tea will bring you a good mood, then a cup of milk tea will bring you a more petty, more quality leisure time.



  1. Milk Moss Milk Tea (Reduce: 1 serving) Ingredients: 1 pack of black tea, 80 ml of Sanhua Huazhi evaporated milk (20 ml of foaming), 1 bag of black coffee, 3 cubes of sugar, 350 ml of boiling water

  2. Put the black tea into the cup, I use the black tea of ​​Chuanning, and pour 250ml boiling water.

  3. Repeatedly pull up and down the tea bag about 30 times, so that the black tea is evenly dissolved in the water, and the tea bag is taken out.

  4. Pour 60ml of Sanhua Huazhi evaporated milk into the brewed black tea and mix well.

  5. Pour black coffee into another cup, add sugar cubes, and pour into the remaining 100ml boiling water.

  6. Pour the blended coffee into the prepared milk tea and mix well

  7. Put 20ml of Sanhua Huazhi evaporated milk into a small cup, use a foamer to make milk foam, and finally pour it on the milk tea.


Ps: 1. You can choose full-fat evaporated milk if you like milky flavor. 2. Black tea can be selected from Lipton's yellow card selection, and it is very convenient for the supermarket to buy. Milk tea without milk foam and milk tea with milk foam will make the milk foam more delicate and rich in foam. 鸳鸯 Milk tea contains both the sweetness of milk tea and the richness of coffee. It is named after the 鸳鸯, and it is a must-have drink in Hong Kong-style tea restaurant. This fully reflects the unique characteristics of Hong Kong's Chinese and Western cultures, unique and diverse, traditional and modern.

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