Recipe: Mexican burritos (small soft secrets)

Home Cooking Recipe: Mexican burritos (small soft secrets)


KFC’s old Beijing chicken rolls have been eaten. This recipe is the pie. This cake is very soft and not tough. It can be eaten in a fresh-keeping bag and can be refrigerated. You can eat it, still softly tell you, the little secret is the yeast



  1. After all the materials are kneaded into smooth dough, they are divided into 10 or 12 aliquots (according to the pot of your own home, my flat bottom non-stick pan is so small, so 12)

  2. The good dough is about 5 minutes to wake up (the summer is hot, the yeast is active, you can operate directly without having to wake up)

  3. Pour into a pancake, do not put oil in the pan, directly pancake, and soon the cake will be foamed, turn it over and then burn it for a while. Big easy to paste)

  4. Finally, roll up your favorite meat, eggs, and vegetables.

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