Recipe: Mexican black bean bean bread

Home Cooking Recipe: Mexican black bean bean bread


In order to give this bread a name, I put these words together for a long time, and finally I feel that it is so smooth, but it seems to be easy to cause misunderstanding, I think it is black bean made of bean paste, huh, it is actually red bean paste, but only Black bean noodles are added to the bread flour. The essence is Mexican bread, and I have added some other materials.



  1. After the oil is finished, the exhaust is divided, spheronized and relaxed for 15 minutes. Seeing no, the black dot on the dough is the black bean noodles. The black bean noodles are actually green, with small black dots inside, not the black color we imagined.

  2. 趁 This is a free Mexican sauce. Attached

  3. After relaxation, shaping is to flatten the dough, turn the bread into the bean paste, and then turn it into a steamed bun.

  4. After the shape is good, put it into the baking tray for secondary fermentation. (The oven is preheated for 160 minutes and placed in a small bowl of hot water)

  5. After fermenting to twice as large, squeeze the Mexican sauce

  6. Middle layer, 180 degrees, about 20 minutes. (Time is for reference only, depending on your own oven)


Mexican sauce practice: butter 50 grams, 50 grams of eggs, 50 grams of powdered sugar, 50 grams of high-gluten flour Production: 1. Soften the butter at room temperature, stir evenly with sugar powder 2. Add the whole egg mixture in portions and mix well. 3. Add the sieved high-gluten flour and mix well. 4. Put it into the flower bag and store it in cold storage. A few words: 1. I have made a mistake in the order of squeezing the mexican sauce. I haven't waited for the second fermentation, that is, the whole shape is squeezed. The result has not flowed, but it has not affected much. 2. I don't have a flower bag, I put it in a fresh-keeping bag, and cut a small mouth, so it doesn't look good. 3. My time is a bit long, a little too hot, and then a little less, it is best to look at it, the Mexican sauce on the top is fine, the color will be more beautiful. 4. There is also a piece of bread that I made a little big, baked together are linked together, affecting the beautiful ha, then small and beautiful. 5. This bread is baked and eaten hot. The top Mexican sauce is crispy. It is a bit like a pineapple. If it is cold, it will be soft. It is delicious when there is no heat.

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