Recipe: Melon crisp

Home Cooking Recipe: Melon crisp



  1. Salad oil (colorless and odorless vegetable oil, cooking oil), add sugar powder and mix well

  2. Add another protein and mix well

  3. Low-gluten flour sifting

  4. Pour the flour into the protein

  5. Stir well

  6. The melon seeds are preheated at 150 degrees, and the middle layer is baked for about 5-8 minutes.

  7. The protein batter is poured into a mold with a small spoon. Can also be directly rounded

  8. Sprinkle with melon seeds, top layer, bake for about 15 minutes


1. Spread the egg paste evenly so that the temperature will be even when baked. 2, the seeds are slightly baked in advance, so it is easier to cook. 3. After the last oven of the baked biscuits is turned off, all the ovens are taken out and cooled to make them more brittle. 4, the amount of sugar powder, if you do not like sweet, you can put a little less. If you like me, you can put a little more.

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