Recipe: Meaty eggplant

Home Cooking Recipe: Meaty eggplant



  1. Wash and drain the eggplant and cut into small rounds for later use. Wash the garlic with minced pork, chopped green onion and cut into chopped green onion. Ginger is chopped for use. Put the vinegar, sugar, and glutinous rice in a bowl and add water for use. Note: Put the sugar in the bowl first, then put the vinegar. The vinegar is placed as flat as the sugar.

  2. After heating the oil, put it into the eggplant section and soften it into golden yellow. Pick up and drain the oil.

  3. After sautéing ginger, garlic and shallots, pour in the shredded pork, pour in the fried eggplant and stir fry, then add the seasoning in the bowl and stir fry, then serve in the pan.

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