Recipe: McGee diet first step

Home Cooking Recipe: McGee diet first step


The quotation of the teacher: I personally think that the more reasonable doctrine is that the fat man is actually the early stage of diabetes (type II), and diabetes is the late stage of the fat man. The fat person mentioned here refers to acquired obesity, non-congenital genetic obesity (the fat cells are much more than ordinary people). My weight loss method is actually a process of repairing the metabolic system in a few months, and I have to go through the process of evolution. This is the difference between my method and Atkins and Nagata Filial Piety. My first stage belongs to the diet of ancient times, the second stage, the ancient diet, the third stage, gradually restored the modern diet, but not too. Long-term sugar-free weight loss, once you eat sugar, immediately rebounded. Therefore, this law has gradually transitioned to lay the foundation for the gradual return to normal diet. Contraindications: This method is not suitable for patients with liver, kidney, pancreas and other internal organs. Because it is necessary to eat a lot of meat, it is absolutely forbidden to drink white wine. Ms. Note that the skin will not relax after losing weight, but it will consume a lot of body fat and affect the body shape, you know. In the first few days of the first phase, some people will have hypoglycemia, dizziness, and attention to maintain physical strength. But don't worry, the duration will not be long and the body will adapt. If you want to use this method for the elderly, please consult your doctor beforehand.



  1. The first phase of McGee's diet is half a vegetable (no starch) and half a meat. I personally understand that it is half to half of the gram, not the volume. It is recommended to change the pattern every day and eat what you like, especially from the first day to the third day. Because people do not consume carbohydrates, people are very tired. But insist on eating! It is recommended to eat red meat (bovine, sheep, etc.), which contains L-carnitine, which can help fat dissolve.

  2. The next step is to recommend a few simple dishes for you. It is not easy to change the pattern. You can eat an egg for breakfast, fried eggs, boiled eggs, and then a vegetable and meat stir-fry, such as wolf fried pork, cabbage roast beef, celery shredded pork, winter melon fried shrimp (this meat is a little less, you can add some meat) . At noon, you can steam an egg (egg, sesame oil, onion, salt, and mix well in a microwave oven), stir-fried pork with leeks, simmered pork, simmered beef, salted shrimp, etc. In fact, as long as usual You can eat the vegetables without sugar.

  3. Vegetables that cannot be eaten: starchy vegetables such as potatoes, alfalfa, lentils, and beans. When you don't know if this dish can be eaten, you can try it. If you try it the next day, if you have it, don't eat it. Do not eat too fatty things and fried products.

  4. Then, an important point! Be sure to drink water! Don't drink this in one go. You should drink it slowly, and you will soon go to the toilet after drinking it. It is not used by the body to break down fat.

  5. When the stage reaches the platform and then can't go down, it will enter the second stage, but the first stage must not exceed one month, which is very bad for the body.


Weigh and record every day! Drink more water! Drink slowly!

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